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There's An Alligator In My Refrigerator - Combo Pack


Price: $22.00

Product Description

Enjoy this wonderful Combo-Pack which includes a drawstring backpack and a SIGNED copy of the "There's An Alligator In My Refrigerator" book.

The bags are available in 2 colors - blue (shown) and dark green.

This colorful 24-page book showcases a series of alliterative rhyming questions and answers appropriate for children ages 2 to 8. It features various animals, as well as an alligator on every page waiting to be discovered by the younger readers. Older children are encouraged to complete the last rhyme and illustration on their own. Several possible endings are suggested, and directions are included for submitting the child’s ending and artwork to “Alligator at Medley Grove”, to be placed on the Alligator’s webpage. NOTE: Hanover County, Virginia, ordered a book for each elementary school and several teachers have purchased copies for use in their classrooms.

Looking for just the Book?

If you would like to purchase just the book itself, we have unsigned copies and signed copies available for you.


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