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Virginia Old World Santas

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Custom Handcrafted Masterpieces

Please enjoy viewing the photos in the Santa Gallery. All of these dolls have been sold, but they are examples of Ginger’s work. We especially want you to take notice of the hands and expressive faces that she carefully sculpts in clay for each one. She uses a different type of clay for the hands and the faces to get the best possible results for each. The eyes are German hand blown glass, and beards are natural wools varying from Siberian goat to Tibetan lamb, and sometimes hand combed sheep’s wool. The Santa clothes are designed and made for each doll using high quality fabrics and real fur. They are about 30 inches tall, but may vary 2 - 3 inches either way. Hats may vary the size as well. The armature that gives the doll its shape is individually built for each one so it will work with the composition of the Santa and his surroundings.

Each Santa is a composition of doll and accoutrements that accompany him. Sometimes these are selected by Ginger, but usually they are a collaboration between the buyer and the artist to make the Santa personal and unique.

Ginger makes only three or four Santas a year. Each is signed and dated on the inside of the right wrist, an individual work of art. If you would like to have a Santa created for yourself or as a gift, please contact Ginger to plan your doll.


Ginger's Santas
Looking for that VERY SPECIAL gift for that special someone? Contact Ginger today to find out more about her made-to-order Santa creations.